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EasyFile.me delivers superior tax preparation services to smart working professionals who value personal attention, an easy & efficient process, and expert results.

We believe that nobody should pay more tax than the law requires. We guarantee our work… And, we’re nice people.

Maybe some of these sound familiar:


My tax preparer is unreliable and under-qualified.


I need a tax preparer who understands Internet tools for faster turnaround.


I need a tax professional who is available evenings or weekends, and via video chat and text message.


I don’t have time to do my own income tax-returns.


I can’t keep up with complicated, ever-changing tax laws.


My CPA is no longer doing tax returns / died . etc.

Maybe you’ve been burned before, by tax accountants who…

    • Take forever to return your calls or emails
    • Are not really qualified or have little training
    • Are part of a large office and you feel lost among so many other clients
    • Wait until the last minute and then give you a big unhappy surprise
    • Cannot explain tax rules in plain English
    • Have unclear, confusing pricing.

EasyFile delivers fast, expert tax preparation by CPAs at affordable prices to smart working professionals who value personal attention, an easy & efficient process, and guaranteed results.

We believe that nobody should pay more tax than the law requires… And, we’re nice people.

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Who can EasyFile help with tax preparation?

Successful, busy executives

Young, accomplished professionals

Small business owners

Invested, retired individuals

Because our tax preparation is completed by licensed professionals, either Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or IRS-trained and vetted Enrolled Agents (EA), we are uniquely qualified to handle even the most complex tax return cases. If you have a complicated return due to investments, business ownership, or similar cases, we’re here to serve you.

Who is NOT a good fit for EasyFile?

  • Those who feel unable to learn a few simple sharing apps (if you can use email or Facebook, no problem!)
  • People who cannot understand and agree to The EasyFile Process
  • People who are fundamentally dishonest, tax protesters, criminals, or mean. Remember, we’re nice people!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait! I have some questions about your services…

Here are some common questions and answers regarding our tax preparation services:

How much do you charge for tax preparation?

Pricing depends on the complexity of the return and starts at $129. We’ll give you a firm quote after you’ve set up an account and we’ve reviewed your previous year’s return.

For more information about our pricing, see our pricing page.

How long will it take you to file my tax returns?

Our typical timeline for completion of your tax return is seven days from when we have received all of your information and documents. We’re flexible so if it takes longer to gather your documents, no worries, your Tax Pro will work when you’re ready and is very responsive.

For the fastest turnaround let your Tax Pro know when you have all of your documents ready and that he or she can now begin your tax return.

Will you return my calls or emails promptly?

Absolutely! Our responsive tax prep professionals constantly monitor our client communications for text messages or emails and are committed to answering promptly.

What are your qualifications to prepare my tax returns?

Our Tax Pros are either state-licensed Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)  or IRS tested & registered Enrolled Agents (EAs). Every one of our Tax Pros are required to pass rigorous exams, maintain annual education requirements, and are checked for current, valid credential status prior to each new year of employment with EasyFile.

Can you help me file the last several years of tax returns?

Of course! Each return year is considered a separate engagement and requires a separate agreement and of course you will need to provide each year’s documents.

Does EasyFile prepare amended tax returns?
Yes, we would be happy to prepare your Amended tax returns for corrections to previously-filed tax returns. Please send us a message.
Should I prepare my own taxes or hire a professional?

We think the smart choice is to have EasyFile prepare your returns, of course, but there are several excellent tax prep software packages and apps out there, including:

What are the chances I’ll get audited?
According to recent news reports, the overall odds of any individual being audited by the IRS less than a 1-in-160 chance. If your income is over $200,000 that rises to 1-in-80. EasyFile follows every law and regulation and that, along with you keeping all supporting tax return documentation, gives you confidence that any inquiry will result in no tax changes.

About EasyFile

Having worked for one of the largest international accounting and tax consulting firms in the world, I realized that career path could never make a real difference in the lives of individuals and families, which is one of my core desires. I launched a different career trajectory to become of benefit, serving individuals, families, and small businesses by supporting responsible financial living in tax consulting and preparation, one person at a time.

Through study and practice, I recently established EasyFile professional tax preparation service to deliver fast, reliable, friction-free solutions to working professionals and small business owners who deserve a better experience.

— Kevin Denny, CPA, founder of EasyFile

Ready to start your tax return?

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  • Kevin was attentive and very helpful, I look forward to consulting with him in the future.

    Diana G.

  • Kevin is one of those people who is just easy to talk to. He's a good listener and someone who can walk you through all your options without making you feel overwhelmed or confused.

    Todd S.

  • Kevin clarified things about the LLC taxation - really helping us to understand that it comes down to what taxation classification we choose when registering the company.

    Kevin J.

  • EasyFile has been nothing but simple, fast, and really good for our investment. We've worked with EasyFile 2 years in a row on our personal taxes which was complicated by our Schedule C business as well. EasyFile took care of things easily, and got us a larger refund than we anticipated, both years. We've recommended many of our friends and colleagues as well who are also extremely satisfied with the service.


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