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We believe that nobody should pay more tax than the law requires. That’s one of our values. The tax code may be complex, but our pricing is as simple as possible, to make sure we can deliver accurate and superb results at a reasonable price for a wide range of tax situations.

2019 Tax Return Pricing

Here is our base pricing for the 2019 tax season. Add-ons are listed down below as well. Please contact us with any questions! 


starting at $129

This includes:

  • Federal return & 1 state return
  • Single or Married
  • Dependents
  • W-2 income
  • Interest & Dividends
  • Retirement income
  • Home ownership
  • Itemized deductions


starting at $299
This includes:

  • blank
  • blank

Actual business price will depend on review of previous returns and submitted data. Prices on business returns can vary greatly due to the complexity of corporate returns.


Add-on Pricing for Individual Returns 2019



Schedule C for sole proprietor

Rental income


Up to 3 properties

Other Earnings


Partnership, S-Corp, Trust or Estate income (up to 3 K-1s)

Sold Investments


Sold stock, investments, or cryptocurrency (up to 5 total)

There may be other costs for additional forms regarding other types of tax credits because additional work and forms are required. All of these things will be disclosed to you before we begin your tax return so there are NO surprises at the end! We won’t upsell you in the middle of the return.

Disclosure –  You will receive a firm quote after review of your previous year’s return, and it is based on the typical tax information submission process.

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  • Kevin was attentive and very helpful, I look forward to consulting with him in the future.

    Diana G.

  • Kevin is one of those people who is just easy to talk to. He's a good listener and someone who can walk you through all your options without making you feel overwhelmed or confused.

    Todd S.

  • Kevin clarified things about the LLC taxation - really helping us to understand that it comes down to what taxation classification we choose when registering the company.

    Kevin J.

  • EasyFile has been nothing but simple, fast, and really good for our investment. We've worked with EasyFile 2 years in a row on our personal taxes which was complicated by our Schedule C business as well. EasyFile took care of things easily, and got us a larger refund than we anticipated, both years. We've recommended many of our friends and colleagues as well who are also extremely satisfied with the service.


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